Fishbowl Inventory Purchase Order Generator

Posted by Robert Merrill on February 29, 2012 under Fishbowl Inventory | Be the First to Comment

If your Purchasing people miss their Memorized Transactions from QuickBooks, this Fishbowl Inventory PO Generator, a Visual Basic powered Excel workbook may win them over. It’s especially helpful if the full list of Parts from a particular Vendor is long, but you usually order a only a subset of them, and the subset’s always different.

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Finally, someone said it

Posted by Robert Merrill on February 9, 2012 under uFunctional Values, Uncategorized | Read the First Comment

In the Harvard Business Review, Scott Anthony blogs, “Don’t Confuse Passion with Competence.”

One thing I’ve noticed about business writing—at least popular, influential business writing—and business thinking, is that it tends to reflect the last compelling anecdote, in this case, Steve Jobs. He was successful, and he was passionate, so passion must be the key to success.

Mr. Anthony reminds us that passion is important, especially for the innovator, because there are going to be a lot of skeptics and setbacks. He also reminds us that passion alone isn’t enough. As the talented wags at put it, “When you earnestly believe you can compensate for a lack of skill by redoubling your efforts, there’s no end to what you can’t do!” Read more of this article »