About uFunctional

  • A software development management consultancy, focused on owners and executives of software-intensive businesses, primarily in the Madison, WI area
  • Independent–not affiliated with any information-technology vendors
  • Member of BioForward (formerly the Wisconsin Biotechnology and Medical Device Association) and MABC (Madison Area Business Consultants).
  • Insured for professional liability and errors and omissions through The Hartford.
  • Founded in February 2007 as a Wisconsin Limited Liability Company.

Robert Merrill–Principal

uFunctional LLC is presently my solo consulting practice.

I’m a strong writer, and speaker, and a fast learner. I see patterns that others miss.

You will understand my explanations, and I am compassionate and a good listener. My goal is for you to succeed, using resources you already have whenever possible.

Before founding uFunctional in February 2007, I served almost 10 years with CDW Berbee as a software developer, business analyst, project estimation specialist, and technical sales person.

My previous career was as an atmospheric science researcher, software developer, and instructor with the University of Wisconsin.

I hold a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science and a Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics.

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Employment and Internships

uFunctional LLC does not presently offer either employment or internships, but in times like these I want to help IT professionals in the Madison, WI area expand their network, if I am able.