Robert is a regular contributor to WTN, the Wisconsin Technology Network.

In A Tale of Two Processes, Robert shows, by example, how agile methods enable us to deliver maximum possible business value from software development, consistently, despite the estimation problem. (It also helps with scope creep, technical surprises, and the “I’ll know it when I see it!” syndrome). (2/19/2009).

In Accurate Estimates and Other Myths, Robert explains why better estimation will never solve the estimation problem, and what we need to do instead (11/5/2008).

Let’s All Join Hands, tear down the wall between business and IT, and make money from software, even if yours is not a software company (10/17/2008).

Face it, software really IS different from the rest of IT, and projects need to be managed differently. Agree or disagree? (10/8/2008).

Do you have That Sinking Software Feeling? Here’s how to understand why it’s happening, and what to do about it. (9/5/2008). After reading the article, you may want to see what an auger shark looks like.

How much does An Ounce of Software weigh, and why you should know (9/5/2007).