Interpolating Averages

Posted by Robert Merrill on June 21, 2012 under Data Scientist | Read the First Comment

One of the reasons why I’m able to help my clients when the typical software consultant can’t is that I’m carrying concealed linear algebra and I’m not afraid to use it. Read more of this article »

Look, Ma, I’m a Data Scientist!

Posted by Robert Merrill on January 31, 2012 under Data Scientist | Be the First to Comment

Tom Groenfeldt just told me what to start calling myself.

What’s a data scientist?

In “Big Data Needs Data Scientists, Or Quants, Or Excel Jockeys,” he quotes Randy Lea at Teradata’s Aster Center of Innovation, who “defines a Data Scientist as a person with mathematical and statistical skills, an investigative mind, an understanding of computer languages like C++ and Java,” and ability to write code. Groenfeld’s own definition includes, “multi-skilled experts who understand programming, large-scale mathematics, statistics and business.” That’s me!

Why I claim to be enough of a data scientist to be useful (a.k.a. War Stories)

(Robert, I believe you—spare me!)

In graduate school, I crunched daily sounding-balloon observations around 10 years worth of typhoons and 27 years worth of hurricanes. I then built a bigger data set of winds from passenger jets and cloud motions in satellite loops and used that to study the exhaust plumes from hurricanes. Read more of this article »