Since its beginning in February 2007, uFunctional has served eleven clients, providing the following services:

  • Agile methods adoption at Terso Solutions.
  • Business and requirements analysis and software strategy consulting for an established biotechnology firm
  • Business and requirements analysis, methodology development, project estimation support, and executive coaching for a large IT shop
  • Software architecture, staffing strategy, and business plan development, and statistical analysis for Next Testing, a software intensive start-up.
  • Program planning, requirements analysis, and Microsoft Access programming for a large non-profit undergoing a major re-organization (Case Study)
  • Assessment, interim management, and technical assistance for a virtual IT team (four people from four firms) for an online retailer
  • Software engineering capability assessment for a specialty software product and services company
  • Market-readiness assessment for a potential software start-up

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Kind Words

I respect my clients’ wishes, and never mention them here or in any other promotional materials or proposals without their express consent. But I always appreciate kind words, and hope they convey a feeling of what it’s like to work with me.

“Robert did a lot of listening before formulating opinions and questions; these proved thought-provoking and led our management in constructive directions. He was unassuming, and found enjoyment in bringing out the best in us. His goal was always to create value that greatly exceeded his cost. Robert was introduced to me as a consultant and left as a confidant and friend.”

–Chris Hornung, CEO, Next Testing LLC

“I appreciated Robert’s ability to listen, and the care that was taken, to make sure that all concerns regarding the data, forms and output were addressed.  He always made himself available whenever there were additional questions or concerns. I always looked forward to his visits at the Seminary, not only as a consultant solving problems, but also because of his kind words and sense of humor.”

–Joan Nowak, former Bursar, Saint Francis de Sales Seminary

“Robert brings that hard-to-find blend of executive thinking and technical prowess that are so desperately needed for today’s strategic IT projects.”

–Rick Fessenbecker, Managing Director, Northwoods Software Development

“CTI Paper Group, Inc. engaged uFunctional LLC to help us with some issues surrounding the rapid growth of our ecommerce division,  By combining his technical skills and his ability to coordinate and facilitate the work of various support teams Robert Merrill was able to find and implement a solution.  Every aspect of the project met our expectations and it was delivered on time and within budget.”

–Dan King, President, CTI Paper Group