Software Selection

Lead your management team to the best combination of vendor, licensed or as-a-service software, and technical assistance for you, using a proven, repeatable Tall Nails© process

Agile Adoption

Show your project teams—business and technology people—how to work together in new ways to get the most value from software development with the least drama, using real-world-proven-and-I-can-explain-why Agile practices

Project Set-Up

Support sound business and technology project decisions through fast, structured, facilitated software requirements workshops, expert requirements and change-footprint analysis, and fact-based cost and schedule estimation

Specialty Technical Services

Deliver honest, thorough, and sound organizational assessments, data analysis & conversions, mathematical & statistical work, and/or finished small-project software. I’ve worked in many technologies. I’m currently familiar and working with WordPress Plugins & Themes and Microsoft Access. I’m spinning up on HTML5, Cloud, and the Microsoft web stack. And I have many other technologies “in mothballs”—see Robert Merrill’s LinkedIn profile for a list.  And not only can I solve a system of linear equations, I can hear about your problem and recognize, “Oh, that’s nothing but a system of linear equations, or an optimal estimation problem.” I just might be your secret weapon.