Software Project Set-Up Services

How do you get from Gleam in the Eye to the right project, with the right expectations, being worked by the right team? You have a major part to play, and it’s not just writing the checks (although the rest of us appreciate that!) Do you know how to play it?

I call it “project set-up.” My services include:

  • Software-related management consulting. Is this particular gleam in the eye worth pursuing? What might it cost (grounded in something called Function Point Analysis—more solid than a SWAG, it’s one of my secret weapons). What are the primary benefits, e.g. revenue, cost, compliance? What will it’s organizational footprint be?
  • Getting the right requirements, fast, by taking your leadership team through a Facilitated Requirements Workshop. (I once hijacked a project kick-off meeting and led a group to an essential redesign of their pension system in two hours).
  • Buy, build, or beyond? Which vendors are lying? Which don’t even know it? How can you use Tall Nails Requirements© to focus the conversation on what you need to know to make a good choice, not what they want you to feel to close the sale? Why might you be better off picking the partner/integrator first, and then the software?
  • So, you’re going to build. Project house, staffing firm, or in-house? What are the things that only you and your organization can do, and how do you do them?
  • How to exert the right oversight and control in the right way, so you maximize the value of all those checks you’re writing?

Software is a new class of business asset. You don’t need to know about polymorphism, design patterns, duck typing, left outer joins, and RESTful web services to manage this asset well. But you do need to know how it’s like other business assets, how it’s not, and how to act accordingly.

Software shouldn’t be scary. 608-692-2638.