Software development shouldn’t be scary

I started uFunctional LLC in 2007 to change how software gets done in Madison, WI. Whether buying or making, you shouldn’t have to be anxious about how much it will cost, or afraid of how long it will take, or worried about whether it will be worth it, or stressed about balancing your project and your life.

We can’t be the first to…There has to be a way to…
How much would it cost to…

Find me software that…

Gleam in the EyeI’m on my third career in 30 years. So I’m not afraid of a blank sheet of paper.

I’ll help you turn that gleam in the eye into a successful “Make” or “Buy.” There's a middle ground between a leap of faith (or desperation) and analysis paralysis. I’ll be your guide with the firms and technical people you’ll meet, and I’ll be off the clock as soon as you “can take it from here.” But because I’m local, I can be back on short notice with no travel if you need it.

And if you don’t talk to me about cash flow, ROI, revenue growth, cost avoidance, business processes, waste, value streams, regulations, and organizational mission & goals, relative to your software, I’ll ask. Software is fun (really), and working together will be fun, but that's not the point. Learn more about Software Project Set-Up Services.

Waterfall? SDLC? Agile? RUP? Scrum? Lean?Life preserver floating on digital sea

Software development methodology & process

I know them, I've done them, and more importantly, I know why they work and why they don't. I can help you end your religious wars, and I'm committed to helping everyone (including BAs and PMs) stay safe. I led a transition from RUPish Waterfall to a home-grown Agile method for a project house, and we went from underwater projects and death marches to consistent success and profitablity, with a life. Just because their devotees are scary doesn’t mean software methodologies should be. They’re just different ways of thinking about the work and organizing ourselves to get it done. 608-692-2638.

We have great programmers; it’s the other stuff…

Software Requirements & Project Management

Programmer with head exploding from paperworkI submitted my first FORTRAN deck in 1977, and I was hooked. When I turned pro fifteen years later, I promptly started asking, “Who came up with this schedule?” And I've literally seen requirements on the back of a napkin. In self-defense, I got involved with The Other Stuff—requirements (business analysis), project estimation, planning, & management, quality measures, process improvement, and software development methodologies (and the reasons why they work, and don’t), and I was hooked—again.

I actually enjoy The Other Stuff as much as I used to love programming (and still do, when I get the chance). If your IT/IS group or project house is strugging with The Other Stuff, your great programmers are as hobbled as if they were submitting card decks. I can do The Other Stuff for you, and if some of you get hooked like I did, I can teach you a lot in a hurry. Learn more about The Other Stuff.

Can’t you just do it for us?

Technical Work

Or are you one of those “consultants” who charges a lot and never gets their hands dirty?

Uh, one of my nicknames for myself is “Data-Dog,” as in, ‘Dig up the good stuff and roll in it!” I like being up to my elbows in bits and bytes.

So maybe I can. Does your timeline fit with my commitments to existing clients? (They come first. You’ll like that when you’re one of them). Are the technologies ones I know well enough, or can learn fast enough (I often can), to give you good value for the money? Can we work well together? If we can’t, then the sack-o-skills doesn’t matter, since I’m not a smoke-jumper (the gal you need to call when the Oracle database that runs your whole business is dead). If you must, my LinkedIn profile has a sack-o-skills.

Software shouldn’t be scary, and neither am I. No hard sell, no geek-speek (well, a little), and no promises I can’t keep. I promise. 608-692-2638.